Ep 41 10 Commandments Intro pt.4

Ep 41 10 Commandments Intro pt.4

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The 10 Commandments were first given orally to Moses in Exodus 20. Later (Ex. 31; Deut. 9) it’s recorded that God gave them in writing on tables of stone. These stone tablets were broken by Moses (Ex. 32). Later we are told that God calls Moses up to the mount a third time to receive the Law, and once again the 10 Commandments were written with the finger of God (Deut 10:1-4).

Three times the Law was given by God to Moses to give to the people. Do you think there were revisions each time? In other words, did Moses or God forget what God first told Moses or what He wrote the first time? I don’t.

Man, and here I mean Christians, wants to subject the words of God to our private interpretation. How does this passage affect me? What does this passage mean to me? Now, there is no doubt that God’s words do meet us where we are. And, further, DOES deal with our life in a real and personal way. But to think that you can spiritualize what God meant to be taken literally because of how you feel or your circumstances is not the proper way to interpret the word of God.

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